<span class="fancy-title">Energy project development and system design</span><span>Project management solutions for installers and investors.</span><span class="fancy-title">Project financing</span><span>ren enegy group has a profound knowledge of feasibility analisys (due dilligence) of photovoltaic projects....</span><span class="fancy-title">Procurement services</span><span>We can increase your efficiency by sourcing PV panels directly from manufacturers ...</span><span class="fancy-title">About us</span><span>ren energy group is an international service and product provider with a very experienced team in photovoltaics grounded in 2006. Our headquarters for operations is in Berlin, Germany, and we also hav...</span>

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Our aim is to develop feasible and sustainable solutions for our customers.

We are comitted to supporting companies and private individuals alike, helping them to reduce their dependency on external energy sources and mitigate any impact from rising energy prices, as well as to source key materials and equipments worldwide.

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