Executive board

Mr. Wu Qiang

Wu Qiang is COO for Asia of ren energy group. He is responsible for sourcing in the Asian markets as well as relationships with Asian manufacturers and customers.

Wu Qiang has a very extensive experience in international sourcing and complex order negotiations of large quantities of technical products like photovoltaic panels or invertors. During the last seven years he has gained a deep understanding of Chinese business customs, which is very valuable for negotiations between Western companies and manufacturers. He closed procurement deals for more than 250 M USD for European project developers and installers. He maintains close business relationships with a variety of Chinese, Taiwanese and Thai manufacturers, and has thorough knowledge of sales processes in Asia and Europe.

He is an expert for transcontinental import and export procedures and logistics. Wu Qiang speaks Mandarin, German and English.

Mr. Martin Rivadeneira

Martin is the CEO of ren energy group since the end of 2011. He is responsible for the strategy implementation of the group as well as for the development of the renewable energy projects. Furthermore Martin is advisor for top Political and Public institutions about microgeneration, e-transport and energy efficiency.

From 2006 till 2011 he was responsible for the sourcing of more than 230 MW of panels for photovoltaic projects in Germany, Spain, Italy and Eastern Europe. He was also involved and supported the construction of several pv power plants in Germany. During this time he also leaded the services for quality assessment of photovoltaic power plants in Germany and Italy.

Martin speaks German, Spanish and English.

Mr. Javier Ruiz

Javier is a highly qualified and very experienced consultant with a wide range of areas of know-how, including business development, financial and cost management and supply chain management. He is CFO of ren energy group.

Over the past five years, Javier has managed several consulting projects in the photovoltaic sector, including the development of an efficient and customer oriented procurement process for a leading European company in the PV sector and the development of a marketing strategy and a distribution network for an European manufacturer.

He also developed a very successful sales and after-sales strategy for European markets for a well-known Asian manufacturer and played a key role in improving the financial processes of a photovoltaic company in Spain. Javier speaks German, Spanish and English.

Mr. Ulrich Gams

Ulrich is CTO of ren energy group. At present Ulrich is in charge of developing new strategies within energy efficiency inside renenergy group. He is focused in new technologies for saving energy technologies like LED solutions for lighting, technologies for saving energy as cooling processes and processes for heat insolation.

He has worked in the last 6 years in the field of technical consultancy and energy projects’ development worldwide for among other the UN. With his technical know-how in the fields of renewable Energies and his open and friendly attitude to customers he realized several projects worldwide in the field of biogas-, solar thermal-, photovoltaic projects.

Through his international experience and his deep impressions which are happening worldwide regarding energy consumption and waste of energy he is the person in our team of stepping into new fields of innovations.  He speaks German and English.


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