IR analsys in 2011. New record of analised MWp in Germany and Italy.

ren energy group ended the financial year 2011 with a new record of IR (infrared) technology analyzed Megawatts in Germany and Italy. Breaking the trend of the almost exclusive use of this technology for utility scale power plants, ren energy group has received a significantly increased number of requests for small and medium sized arrays. Ernst Friedrich, CTO of ren energy group in Germany, considers this trend as a sign of maturity of the pv market in Germany. “End-users have gained a deep knowledge about the technology and are aware about the quality issues on this market. Private investors of a small solar power plant on the top of their roofs are increasingly conscious about the impact of a malfunctioning module on the output and, therefore, yield of the power array and know an IR analysis identifies defective products and can back up claims during the guarantee period.”

“In previous years we have seen a declining demand for high quality photovoltaic panels during peak periods. Another interesting factor affecting the quality of the components, according to Mr. Friedrich, is the pressure on decreasing prices. The industry has seen prices decline by more than 300% since October 2008. This trend is pushing upstream to a race of cost cutting to keep offering interesting ROEs in the stock markets. There was surely room for the reduction of the sky rocketed revenues but no industry in the world could adapt the cost structures this way on such a short term without affecting quality”.


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