The team of ren energy group in Berlin joins the demostration against proposal of cuts of solar tarifs in Germany

The team ren energy group in Berlin joins many other companies of the sector based in the German capital to demonstrate against the plans of short-term cuts of the solar feed-in-tariff (FIT) scheme proposed by the Minister of Environment Norbert Röttgen and the Minister of Economy Phillip Rösler.

Javier Ruiz, CFO of ren energy group, summarizes the position of the group, “ren energy group supports and will support any initiative from the pv industry and society to stop the plan before it is passed on to the German parliament or to be rejected by the parliament. The vast majority of German citizen agree on the need to carry on with the promotion of clean energies, including photovoltaics. Behind the initiative of Mr Röttgen and Mr Rölser clearly intend to return to old dirty fossile and nuclear technologies and reassure the quasi monopolistical status-quo of large utility companies.”


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