Services for the mining sector

The mining sector´s concerns about increasing operating expenses especially in remote areas without proper supply, price pressure and higher environmental stringency impulse. The achievement of much more efficiency in use of energy and the setting up of a stable and green energy supply should be the focus.

Technical advise on energy

ren energy group advices the mining sector in the energy supply based on renewable sources and on efficient energy use:

  • Energy efficiency

Throughout automated energy control and management processes we can optimize the energy usage and reducing the operating costs.

  • Efficient lighting

We implement the optimal lighting solution preserving or even improving your light quality while we reduce your energy consumption. We achieve electricity saves from at least 40% through quick technology implementations without interrupting your activities.

  • Green electricity generation projects

The development of the mining sector depends on a reliable energy supply. As long as the new and some of the old mining facilities and projects are located in remote areas with no proper electricity supply. Traditionally non-renewable facilities were built to guarantee the energy supply. Now as the renewable energies turn into a mature and price competitive technology a new opportunity is open to the mining sector.

We support our customers in the difference stages of technology change based on photovoltaic (solar), biogas, biomass and co-generation for:

Feasibility analysis, design and engineering, technical due-diligence and power plant construction.

Sourcing of financing solutions for mining project development

We cover your financing needs by searching outside the traditional financing sources through our network to develop your mining project. We can achieve directly investment as well as bridge financing for the start-up of operations and distribution.

Commercial advise

ren energy group provides services in:

  • Sourcing financial and competent buyers for your products.
  • Advising on the complex logistic processes by the optimization based on three main criteria: traceability, security on the transport and safety payment terms for the seller as well as the buyer.



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