Biogas engineering

Consulting and projects

Initial consultation and project advisory
  • Evaluations and analyses of locations for new biogas plants
  • Advisory within the dimensioning and planning of a biogas plant ( e.g. form / size of a biogas plant, retention time of substrate and the volumetric load of organic substrates )
  • Advisory within selection of suitable technologies and components for the construction and or reconstruction of biogas plants (e.g. agitator, pumps, process control, gas system, substrate input system)
  • Advisory within the choice of a suitable crop rotation in the agricultural system (which is feasible for biogas usage)
Micro-Biological Consultancy
  • Analysis and interpretation of laboratory substrate analyses results
  • Analysis and interpretation of biogas potential tests (batch- and continuous flow method)
  • Biological advice on the basis of laboratory analyses to recognize and avoid biogas process instability
Consultancy within specific tasks or problems, like e.g.:
  • Support within the preparation of substrate supply contracts
  • Project management / -coordination for any biogas projects
  • Advisory regarding the usage and input of biogas additives (e.g. used for yield increase or sulphur reduction)

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