Laboratory Analytics

Substrate- and animal feed analyses
  • Standard biogas substrate analytics (DM, oDM, acids, FOS/TAC, total C, total N, C/N, total S, etc.)
  • Micronutrient screening (Co, Mn, Mo, Zn, Cu, Se, Fe, Ni)
  • Animal feed analytics (crude protein, -fibre,- fat, starch, sugar)
  • Detection of biogas potential of substrates (NIRS method)
  • Advisory within the evaluation of necessary and suitable analyzing methods
  • Advisory within the interpretation of analyses results
Biogas potential tests
  • Declaration of biogas potential in substrates (organic input material) in the biogas laboratory
  • Consultancy within the choice of a convenient test method
  • Realization of Batch Tests
  • Organic substrates will be digested in anaerobic conditions. On the one hand, basic figures about a possible Biogas and Methane production can be evaluated and forecasted with this test method. On the other hand statements about the substrate’s ability for a digestion in real conditions can be predicted.
  • Realization of Continuous Flow Tests
  • Organic substrates can be tested using the continuous flow test method. Also the organic loading rate, the hydrolytic retention time, the process stability and efficiency can be tested. This test method simulates the usage of the substrate in a real biogas plant using a scaled down biogas plant environment in the laboratory. This method enables to draw a long lasting conclusion for the operation of the tested substrate in real conditions in a biogas plant. Real process conditions can be simulated and can give a forecast about the biological and economic impact of the process.
  • Advisory within the interpretation of analysis results



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