Biogas O&M

Plan operation and optimization

We support our customers to reach a maximum of reliability of the operation of their biogas plants. We help to optimize and synchronize the biological processes and used technologies. We help and advice our customers regarding the daily operation of their biogas plants. We help in any cases of problems during the daily operation.

  • Assistance and advice regarding all possible biogas related questions, problems or help in emergency cases in the daily operation of biogas plants.
  • Monitoring and analysis of the daily biogas plant operation
  • Advisory within starting the initial operation of biogas plants as well as within restarts of biogas plants (e.g. after reconstructions)
  • Preparation of plans for taking substrate samples for laboratory analyses
  • Biological advice on the basis of analyses results to recognize process instabilities and to avoid economical loss
  • Evaluate recommendations for improvements regarding the operation and feeding of the biogas plant
  • Adaption of feeding and substrate plans
  • Evaluation of the daily plant operation to optimize the reliability of the plant’s processes as well as the economical output



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