Electric efficiency. LED


Energy saving lighting technology

Nowadays it is possible to safe 50-60% of energy with LED lighting solutions, without losing the light efficiency. With intelligent LED systems for industry and commerce there is a potential of up to 90% energy reduction through sophisticated use of light.

•    We offer you a non-committal site inspection to record the existing lighting technique for further calculations

•    For this onsite inspection a technician in charge on our side would be perfect to get a understanding in the common use of the existing lighting system

Starting points & opportunities

•    After evaluation and assessment of energy consumption data we carry out a light planning to see all potential points to change the existing system to a more efficient and money saving technic

•    Through our independency regarding manufacturers we will offer you more than only one solution. So you can have an overview of the whole range of potential solutions, always with view of economic results and focused on customers need

Economic viability & realization

•    After planning and combinations of different LED tecnologies and products, the situation will be checked on the economical point of view and discussed with the customer. Our attitude is to show the customer the spectrum of different solutions so the customer gets an overview of the potential of energy savings and efficiency

•    The customer has agreed with product, installations costs and payback period, we will support the project in the installation phase and will help to bring it to a turnkey project to full satisfaction of the customer.


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